Proudly Canadian

Established in 2003

On The Bend Sugar Shack

Nestled in the heart of a sugar bush just shy of an hours drive south of Ottawa, this little gem is a great place to visit on a warm spring maple weekend. Crafted with care, we use a mix of modern technology and traditional methods in the production of our maple syrup. We look forward to sharing our love of our craft every spring and we hope to see you there.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup comes in different grades and flavours. Golden Syrup is clear with a light delicate maple flavor. Amber Syrup has a rich maple flavor ideal for pancakes. Dark Syrup has a robust maple flavor and is loved by chefs when baking and cooking. Very Dark syrup has a strong maple caramel flavor and is great for sauces and glazes.

Maple Butter

Despite its name there is no butter in maple butter, just 100% pure maple syrup and nothing else. This product puts the perfect finishing touch to your breakfast when you add it to your french toast or pancake, and can even elevate your dinner when you add it to your salmon while baking. The possibilities are endless.

Maple Sugar

A Cook’s secret weapon. Maple sugar is made from 1 ingredient and that is maple syrup. It has a distinct delicate flavor that you can use it as a direct replacement of sugar in all your baking and cooking recipes. Maple sugar elevates all your sweet and savory preparations to the next level of sweetness and is bound to please even the most discerning palette.

Maple BBQ Sauce

Our Maple BBQ sauce is a nice thick sweet sauce that has a great flavor profile, ideal for all your outdoor grilling needs. Whether you have poultry or pork, this bbq sauce will add the extra punch to your meat that will have you coming back for seconds.

Maple Cotton Candy

Whether you are a child or an adult, our maple cotton candy will be sure to please anyone of any age. The melt in your mouth sweetness of this treat is always the first to disappear so you better get an extra one just on case.

Read what people have to say

“Thank you so much for the sweet delivery. We are always a little hesitant when it comes to online shopping. You have changed our opinion. Thanks for the new positive impression. ”
“I just tasted the syrup and it's delicious. Thank you so very much for bringing it to me this year. I was worried I wasn’t going to get the package and Vwalla it appears on my front step. ”
“LOVE your maple sugar!!! I put it on my toast in the morning with a little cinnamon and butter. OMG!!! This stuff melts in your mouth. Please keep making this product so we can come back and pick up a little more.”
“We looooove your syrup and especially your maple butter! Thanks for the quick delivery and lovely chat too! It’s nice to see that this new process has worked during COVID. The delivery is so important for businesses. ”
“Excellent products and great service. Their maple butter is the best we've ever tasted. Some times on those special nights will sneak a little and put in on our ice cream. Our little family secret. ”
“Love everything I've ever purchased! No contact delivery and e-transfer was the perfect way to shop at this point in time! Very accommodating and very friendly!! Highly recommend! ”